Our Story

Born and raised in Florence Italy, Annamaria moved to the Netherlands in 2012 to be an Au Pair, with only 2 suitcases and no bank account the plan was to stay in the land of tulips for only a year. A few years and jobs later, in 2018 Annamaria met Joël in Utrecht, an artist and music coach with Surinam-Dutch roots. In 2021 their son André was born and in 2023 they founded AartLab moda.

"After becoming parents, we thought about how we didn’t want to put our son in clothes that were too constrictive as when we were children we disliked to be put into jeans, skirts, and anything that didn’t let us move freely and feel comfortable. For this reason, we created a brand that is minimalistic, sophisticated and timeless. Clothes that are gender-neutral, soft to the skin, versatile, and can be worn on playdates as much as at an event. We wanted something that you look at and think: I would wear that!"


"Our mission is to create the best clothing for children while contributing to keep the emission on our Earth as low as possible. Therefore, we decided to have our production handmade in-country, supporting fair trade practices, local businesses and reducing our carbon footprint. We want nothing more for our children than to grow up and thrive in a healthy and inspiring environment, enabling them to have knowledge and awareness of where things come from, why and at what cost. We want to provide them the foundation and tools, so they can innovate or create a prosperous impact on their life and the planet.

It’s fundamental for us that our values, the love and passion for what we do comes across the product we deliver to your door."